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Learn Italian in Italy - Language Schools in Milan and Florence
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LINGUAVIVA - Learn Italian in Italy

Italian courses at our language school in Florence and Milan

Linguaviva - Learn Italian in ItalyLINGUAVIVA, located in Florence, Milan, and Lignano (for juniors) are the best places for you to study Italian in Italy!

LINGUAVIVA has been teaching Italian since 1976 and offers a wide range of Italian courses, social activities, and carefully selected accommodation.

Learn Italian at LINGUAVIVA

The most popular courses at LINGUAVIVA are the Standard Italian Course and Super Intensive Course and these courses are offered all year round.

LINGUAVIVA also offers One-to-One Course, Italian + Cooking Course, Italian + Art, Junior Programme and many others.

Social Activities

Learn Italian at the Linguaviva Language School in Italy

Enjoy the sights and sounds of Italy as well as making new friends by taking part in the fun of LINGUAVIVA activities.

The programme is run with a team of teachers and provides an opportunity to have fun, practice your Italian and meet other students.

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At LINGUAVIVA, the standard of quality is assured by the following organizations:

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